Sunday, March 13, 2016

Beautiful Boss, by Christina Lauren

Beautiful Boss by Christina Lauren
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Christina Lauren continue to consistently put out wonderfully sexy, funny and smart stories about characters you can't help but relate to. Beautiful Boss is no exception. First off, let me say that Will Sumner is by far my favorite of CLo's male characters, so to have him and Hannah back for a novella, was definitely a thrill. A sexy-sweet follow-up into their lives, bringing their HEN from Player to a satisfying HEA (although I'll truthfully never have enough of these two, so whenever you want to write more... just go ahead!).

This book delivers all that you love about Will and Hannah: the sexy, the swoony, the funny and the no-filter-banter between the two. Will is an amazing male character: sexy, self-assured, smart... my favorite part in the book? The scene with George!!! I think I fell in love with Will even more after that scene!

What I love the most about this writing duo is that you can relate to the stories and characters. Nothing is far fetched or unrealistic to the point that you disconnect, yet they still manage to submerge you deep into each and everyone of your own little, sometimes deliciously perverted, fantasies and they always bring it on home with a bang (pun).

Required reading prior to this book: Beautiful Player

Contains explicit sexuality

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