Favorite Genres

FYI, here is a list of my favorite genres:

(you can click on the genre to view my reviews of books in those categories):

- Classics
- Historical fiction
- Chick-lit
- Fiction

*** I'm a romance junkie! A certain element of romance or love interest is almost always required for me to rate a book 4 or 5 stars ***

Here is a list of genres I really don't like reading:

- Religious / Spirituality (unless it's of the paranormal fictional genre)
- Non-fiction (including Memoirs, Biographies, Business, Travel, Cooking, Self-Help, History)
- Crime / Police / Detective / Mystery (unless it fits within the genres that I like)
- Horror (unless it's mild horror included in the genres that I like)
- Science Fiction (unless there is an important element of romance, then I may give it a try)

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