Rating System

On this blog, I only mention books that I've rated 3, 4 or 5 stars. If the book is good, then it deserves the  praise and the exposure. I am not a mean spirited person by nature so I feel wrong blogging about books I disliked or had issues with. However, if I read a book and disliked it, I owe it to other potential readers to let them know what bothered me and why. All of my reviews (good and bad) can be found on Amazon and on Goodreads.

Here's how I normally rate a book:

- 5 stars: I LOVED IT! Books that made me cry, laugh, made me giddy or any other kind of strong emotion. Books that I've read more than once (or intend on reading more than once), books that made me lose sleep because I need to fit in "just one more chapter". If my house is a mess, laundry is pilling up and kids eat frozen meals, it's a good sign that the book is a 5 star. Books that leave a lasting impression and has me thinking about it, even once it's finished.

- 4 stars: I LIKED IT! Page turners, books that have me stealing minutes here and there to get a couple extra pages read (but I won't lose sleep over them). I have trouble putting the book down but when I do, I don't obsess over it. Although I may not go back for a re-read, I will definitely recommend the book.

- 3 stars: IT WAS OKAY! Entertainment. I enjoyed my reading experience but I had a couple issues with the book. I may have rolled my eyes or yawned or wanted to skip certain parts but I made it through to the end because the book wasn't bad at all! (I'm a hopeless romantic: good books that have ZERO romance or love story are USUALLY a 3 star for me).

- 2 stars: I DISLIKED IT! I had major issues during my reading experience. I finished the book but I had huge problems dealing with certain aspects of the book. The bad definitely outweighed the good.

- 1 star: I HATED IT! I didn't finish the book. I rarely give a 1 star rating. To get a one star, I couldn't bring myself to finish the book because it bothered me too much.

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